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Side Button Remap cancels while held when Mouse Clicking (LC or RC)


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So here is the scenario, I have my "back" default side key remapped to a matching push-to-talk key for Discord (num7). It works instantly and fine - as long as I don't do anything else while holding my side button.


As soon as I click to fire a weapon in an FPS game for example, it cancels my remapped (currently held down) button, completely cutting out my voice.


In order for me to talk again, I have to make sure I never click (fire my weapon in-game) while talking holding down my re-mapped button.


This is with a brand new out of box Nightsword. My previous m95 did NOT have this issue. I decided to plug in my old m95 which uses the older software, and sure enough, works fine. I can hold my push to talk (on side of mouse, also remapped to num7) while clicking and firing away at my opponents without being interrupted.


So tldr:

Remapped "back" (default) to "num7" (or any keyboard key).

Push the newly mapped key, works fine. Im talking in Discord/Teamspeak.

While pushing the side button/remapped key, I click to fire a weapon, or aim down a scope (right click, doesnt matter).

I instantly lose my held-down remapped key (num7 in this example) and have to let go of the right/left mouse click in order to use num7/remapped key again.

Rinse and repeat.


Is this a software issue with the newer iCue? Something im missing in remapping? This works without issue with my older m95 software (pushing a push to talk key and clicking m1/m2).


Trying to get some help before returning and going with a different brand. I am not trying to run multiple macros at same time, just simply hold down a remapped key while clicking without it losing my held down remapped key. At this moment in shooters i have to stop firing/aiming down sights while talking or I lose my voice transmission. Thanks.

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It's a known issue in this current version 3.33 only. The only solutions are to wait for the correction next issue or roll back to 3.32. Be aware profiles and settings are not backward compatible, so if you uninstall 3.33, you need to delete the user settings as well and set up 3.32 like it's brand new.


See also: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=199751

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