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Vengeance K95 - Issue with Gkey Remapping


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Hi, I have an issue that has appeared with the new iCUE version 3.33.246. I use the actions remapping to map my G5 key to use as a push-to-talk key in programs like Discord. In past versions of iCUE, if I held the G5 key, I was able to press other keys while the G5 key was still considered "held down."


Ever since the latest update to iCUE, if I try to hold my G5 push-to-talk key down, it will "release" the G5 key if I press any other key, even though I am still physically holding the G5 key down.


I've tested this by using any key as the remapped key, so it's not a specific key issue. I rolled back to an older version of iCUE and the issue is not present. So I just wanted to flag this issue for the next version, as I am sure many people use the G-keys in the same way I do. Please let me know if this explanation is not clear.

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