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Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE - Strange buzzing sound


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Well, this is a head scratcher... For reference, here is the noise I'm hearing:





So, I bought this AIO last year and installed it in my H510 from NZXT without any issues. While CPU temp was always fantastic, overall I wasn't happy with the temps in the H510, so I've recently upgraded to the Phanteks P600S. Everything installed nicely and the computer has been functioning perfectly for a couple weeks now. Then out of nowhere, this buzzing sound started happening a couple days ago.


I looked around and I haven't been able to find anyone who has experienced this exact noise, and I can't figure out the cause of it. From what I can tell it's coming from the pump, but it doesn't appear to be malfunctioning. My CPU temp is as stable as always, though I did notice in the BIOS that the "CPU fan" was running anywhere from 4000-5000 RPM. That was unusual but didn't seem to be causing any problems.


My first thought was that air somehow got trapped in the pump while I was transplanting it into this new case? In the H510 I had the radiator front-mounted, now I have it top-mounted, so maybe it got jostled just enough to cause a problem. I cycled the pump speed from Extreme to Balanced a couple times which seemed to help initially, but now it does nothing. I have the fans currently set to Balanced as well, Quiet appears to do nothing.


Here's where it gets really trippy though. The noise isn't a constant thing, which makes me think I may be able to rule out pump failure entirely. The first time I noticed the buzzing, I played around with the presets in iCue for a bit and the noise went away for a couple days, but now it's back. However, the moment I put my arms down on my desk to type, applying just a little bit of pressure to the table, the buzzing sound increases... Even more bizarre, when I opened my side panel to film the video, the buzzing stopped when I opened the door... It's back now but I appear to have varying degrees of success when I fiddle with the various panels on the case.


This is definitely the strangest problem I've ever encountered. I'll try and see if any errors are being detected at start up, and I'll see if any of the connections are loose. It's possible the pump got jostled ever so slightly loose during the build, or maybe my sata power cable is crappy... I'll see what I can come up with, but if anyone else has encountered this issue before and has any suggestions, definitely let me know. I don't think I need to go so far as to RMA the product just yet.



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It's a bit hard to hear, but I can pick up some variance in the background buzz. That is electrical in nature and not a physical flow issue. You should not see any problem with temperature.


The "pump speed" reported in the BIOS is normal as well. Pumps and fans have different way of counting revolutions. Most Corsair pumps use a divider of 2 to turn it back into a number we recognize. The BIOS seems unable to read this on the Platinum/XT coolers. Just divide by 2. CUE should show the correct pump speed.


In your new case, you likely have some other electronics, PSU cable routing, or something else that is amplifying the buzz. That is a really tricky business to get a handle on. You can try switching SATA cables, running the Plat. on it's own ribbon from the PSU. Anything else new like PSU or GPU?

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I figured the number in the BIOS was right. That's good to get confirmation on. Also good to know that it sounds like electrical interference. It's really the only thing it can be. My guess would be that it has something to do with my cables. Either the SATA cable is somehow crap, even though it's the exact same cable I used in the previous case, or the way the cables are routed are to blame, despite my cable management being fairly neat. I do have an SSD mounted nearby, though they're on separate SATA connections... I might have to go back into the case and cable manage again (which is kinda fun so I don't mind ^_^), maybe swap out SATA cables while I'm at it. For the moment the buzz isn't present, though I suspect it'll come back. I did check all of the connections last night and nothing was loose or out of place.
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