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Change default RGB-profile to on board memory


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Hello, I have been using the Corsair K68 keyboard for almost a year now. I hardly use any other lightning profile except "Color Wave". Since, the iCUE software uses almost 200-300MBs of my system RAM and the startup is a bit slower because of this. So, I was thinking of uninstalling the software. (I am using a laptop)


Few thing I want to mention:

1. Everytime I want restart without iCUE it loads the default rainbow color-profile. I have tried "Save static lightning and performance to device" but it doesn't load it for some reason without the iCUE.

2. I have tried reseting my keyboard, (hard reset, holding down the ESC key-unplugging and replug). It still didn't solve the issue. To add, I am using the latest version of the iCUE.


Help I need:

I am asking if there is anyway to save the lightning-profile into the device so that I don't need the iCUE software?

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Unfortunately the K68 does not have the ability to store hardware profiles to the device. This feature is also referred to as Hardware Playback. In order to set lighting for this particular model you will need to have iCUE running.


Sad. Well, thanks a lot. I will just have to keep using this default ones.

By the way, if anyone searching for this in future -

FN + (1 to -) key is the shortcut for default lightning key without iCUE. Hopefully, this helps for someone.

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