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3rd m65 elite suffering from left-clicks not registering


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On my 3rd m65 elite, after the first 2, one originally purchased, and then the one sent from an RMA ticket, and now this one, an RMA of an RMA, suffered from the same issue of the Left-Click just not registering unless i apply some extra pressure in my clicks. I've already done the same exact troubleshooting steps for all 3, and at this point i'm not even going to attempt to RMA this one, as the previous one was an RMA to my original M65 Elite and i was lucky to even get this one after the 2nd.


All 3 were tested on different devices, all 3 kept the same problem regardless of what version of iCUE or a fresh install. I'm not really looking for solutions as the only thing after trying them is to request an RMA, and I'm pretty sure I've used up my good-boy points with getting an RMA, RMA'd.


What I'm here for is to simply ask Corsair, "why". why is this happening with the elite and not the pro? I've gone through 3 Elites in just under a year, when i only ever had 1 Pro.


I'm not hard on them either, i'm not playing games that require me to be constantly clicking 24/7 such as clicker games. I'm not smashing the button down hard as i click either. I'm playing games such as GTA, Battlefield, War Thunder and Arma and other FPS's. And general internet browsing such as YouTube and Reddit.


I'm disappointed, as I love this mouse and Corsair, and have even recommended it to friends. But when my friends and I suffer the same issue it's hard to keep recommending Corsair when their first impression is a lemon.


I simply want to bring this to Corsairs attention if it already hasn't, as I shouldn't be having identical issues with 3 different mice.

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