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Questions re LED Lighting Expansion Kit's extension cables and chained strips in iCue


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First time poster, hoping this makes sense and is in the right place, sorry if the title is word salad.


I'm looking at upgrading the lighting in my rig, with some of corsair's fans and a pack of ARGB strips. A 3-pack of fans (like CO-9050072) includes a Lighting Node Pro and an RGB Lighting hub for the fans. The LNP has two RGB inputs, one goes to the hub which controls up to six fans, one is left for strips. I understand that much.


I notice that the LED Lighting Expansion Kit (CL-8930002) comes with 4 ARGB strips, but also four extension cables, and I'm wondering about them: the short version of the question is 'can the extension cables be daisy-chained into one longer extension cable?' I'm trying to get a look at them but I'm not sure what exactly their connectors are.


For context, I'd ideally have two of those strips inside the case (down the front, and then along the bottom towards the back), and then one or two extension cables out an open PCIE slot (or just drill a hole through one guard) so I can have the two remaining ones go along my desk. I know they're not ideal because they aren't diffused, but it'd be making use of what I have, I don't see much value in putting all four inside my case what with already having 2 strips and as many as four lit fans.


Problem is that I don't know how the extension cables connect up - can you have an extension cable between two strips? Can an extension cable lead into another extension cable? Or do the extension cables exclusively go from the LNP to one ARGB strip.


The second question is 'how does iCue handle the ARGB strips when they're daisy-chained together?' because in this scenario I have them all connected to the LNP on a single port. Would I be able to assign different lighting effects to each strip, or would they all have to follow the exact same lighting? I might just want a different brightness value on the 'outside' ones in this scenario.


Thanks for the help!

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