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h100i platinum SE Screws


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just got my new SE white h100i


the screws are not of correct size or rad holes are not correct size


as the issue is while fitting fans on rad with long screw only a little bit of screw goes to rad and like 0.3cm screw stays open even with fan making fan move up and down as this is it all 8 holes


fixed this by using double rubber washer which i had this is just not how its supposed to work still i worked around it


now while fitting rad to case top the small screws from case to RAD same case screw cannot fit leaving screw open even with washer now

you can except me to throw 32 washers now its not like you guys provided even a single washer with it


case is Corsair c70 and i was using h115 before so well aware of how things work and i tried applying pressure and force .


attached pic of case top to see how it looks



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