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ICUE Update and Sniper Button no longer working


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Hey guys:


I have looked everywhere for an answer to this but i am at a complete loss at this point.


After the last ICue update my sniper button on my mouse no longer works properly.


When HOLDING the sniper button (ie to aim in FPS game) it will stop aiming once you fire.


An example of what i am trying to describe here

a: Hold button to fire -> left mouse click to fire -> lets off one shot ->

un-aims/goes back to normal view


has anyone had this problem or knows of a fix?


I have so far

1: uninstall and reinstall

2: check all updates and firmware

3: remap buttons to alternating ones

4: changed in game settings

5: tried different USB ports


Still no luck with the button and I have no clue what to do. Help pls

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