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Bad CMX512-2700C2 V1.1

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After extensive troubleshooting I've discovered that one of two modules is bad.


My rig:


AMD XP +3000 (333Mhz FSB)

Corsair XMS PC2700 512 x 2 (1GB)

Abit NF7-S (v2.0) MB (Latest BIOS v27)

ATI X800 Pro

Thermaltake Purepower 480Watt PS





The original problem:


I started noticing system instability and system crashes. I had this before but after I replaced the power supply about 6 months ago it went away. Now it has been worse than ever with many crashes especially in games.


How I troubleshooted:


Note: All tests were run in stock configuration using SPD settings and using normal voltages. I first got Memtest 3.1 And after running it I got about 4 errors the first time through (with both sticks in dual chanel mode). After running it several times it increased to about 10 errors per run. I then proceeded to use XXX Memtest86 v1.00 which runs in DOS mode. In test 5 (and test 5 only) it gave me about 14 errors the first time through. At this point I tested the modules individually. One checked out ok, the other had major errors on test 5 again (the last time I ran it it was in the range of 250 on one runthrough). I tested it in two different slots on the MB and it was bad both times. The other module checked out ok in both slots.


The module:





It is pretty obvious to me that the stick is bad. It is about three years old. I'd like to get an RMA number and send it in. I do have a question though. The two sticks I have are matched - same version and production run. If the module is replaced will that affect the system timings on my machine with two non matched sticks? Please let me know what my options are. Thanks!


Ben Blystone



EDIT: Corrected a mistake - my PS is 480 Watt, not 430.

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