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Vengeance RGB Pro Memory Issue


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Hi ,


Built a system with ASUS motherboard and RGB Pro 32GB of memory. Build has Corsair case / RGB fans and keyboard.


Everything seemed OK with the default settings. However I saw it was set to 2166 MHz rather than the 3200 I bought.


So in the BIOS there was a dropdown for profile where it listed my RAM at 3200.


Enabled that and rebooted. But started getting BSOD so ran memcheck86 which throws errors. It also stopped posting.


I recovered back to the default.


I've updated the BIOS but that didn't help.


Is the memory not compatible with my motherboard/processor or is there fault in the memory? Is there a different RGB I should have bought.


If I leave it at the default speed what level of performance am I loosing?




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Adding that BIOS Update has been tied/
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