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Corsair Obsidian 750D and 2 H100i pro AIO coolers


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I'm stripping a DELL Poweredge r630 from CPU:s, memory etc. for a Supermicro X10DRH-I-O. This motherboard has support for 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v3, and 16 memory slots (gonna throw in 512GB on those).


My hope is to make a system with a more comfortable noise level, preferrable in my living room. I'm gonna use it mainly for experimantal endeavours, and software development. Running virtualization using XCP-ng.


The supermicro motherboard has a E-ATX formfactor.


1. Does the Obsidian 750D fit two AIO coolers with 3 fan radiators? Preferrable, two h100i pro.


2. Supermicro has an extreme latency, in answering support questions, but hopefully someone of you can answer this. Does the h100i AIO coolers need dedicated AIO connectors on the motherboard, and does this Supermicro mother board have those?


3. What sound/noise level is expected with such a configuration aprox?

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I don't believe the cooler would be compatible. While socket 2011 is supported, there are two variations, square and narrow ILM. Our cooler would work with square ILM (consumer) and it looks like SuperMicro is using narrow ILM which is server oriented.


In regards to the case fitment, there's space at the top for a 2 fan radiator. The front has space for two fans, but the drive cages would block mounting any radiators there unless you remove the drive cages entirely from the front part of the case. Each cooler needs SATA power and you would need to connect to the CPU fan header for your board to report pump speed.


You can see in the photos a little clearer how much space is available:



And it can be noisy with this many fans running, especially at load.

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Thanks for the information. I did not know there where different ILM versions.


Maybe this motherboard from supermicro, is a better choice:






It seems to have the square ILM's. The drawback though, is that it has an EE-ATX form-factor.


I do not know of any other motherboard manufacturer with normal form factors, that makes boards with support for dual cpu and at least 16 dimms.


I think dual fan radiators should be enough for this. And rather avoid cpu fans with monstrous heatsinks. Especially on a vertical mounted motherboard.


And I want to go down in noise. When opening the DELL Poweredge r630, it only has low profile (1u) heatsinks on cpu, and in front of them and the dimms, a full row of low radius intake fans. Looking like a miniature copy of the the large intake fans in an underground garage. :)

When starting it, it's like turning on 3 vakuum cleaners at the same time. :)


Also low noise cabinet's for 1u equipment is awfully expensive.

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