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Sound bug/freeze when CorsairService.exe running


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Hi everyone !


For two months now, my sound has crackled almost at regular intervals. This happens much more frequently on Youtube / Twitch.

I completely reinstall Windows, unplug several peripherals several times. I have just realized for a few days now that the problem comes explicitly from CorsairService.exe


When the sound starts to crackle, I kill CorsairService.exe, everything goes back to normal, then the problem starts again when the CorsairService.exe reappears.


I have no idea at all if this is an iCue related issue, software or hardware incompatibility since recent updates.


I have the minimum number of software installer, Icue, Steam and drivers. However, I noticed a small improvement, by disabling NahimicService.



My material :

CM : Asus Z390-E


CG : Evga 1080ti FTW3

AIO : Corsair H100i Pro

ALIM : Corsair RM750i

Strafe Mk2 and Sabre RGB

Commander PRO



I do not know at all how, to diagonize a software conflict or other, I would like to know how I can go about solving the problem :/


Any help is welcome ! Thx :)



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