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Re-using H100i backplate to H80i v2 compatibility?


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H100i ---> H80i v2


I'm in the process of transitioning my cooling system (to make room for RTX 3090) from an H100i to H80i v2 on the same rig (LGA 2011) but I was hoping to reuse the backplate from my older H100i without having to disassemble everything. So is it compatible or will I have to completely switch out backplates? Additionally, what about the screws?

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You should have a motherboard OEM backplate for the 2011 socket and won’t need the included backplate for 115x. Regardless, the H100i (2013) and H80i GT/v2 were made with different partner manufacturers. You don’t want to re-use mounting hardware from the prior kit.


I'm not following what you're saying, what oem motherboard backplate you talking about, and what's a 115x? But I guess that's besides the point, so to confirm I should switch to the H80i backplate correct?

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