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compatability with kingston


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Hello, I have a TWINX XMS3200LL 2x256 set of modules. I am trying to use them with a 2x256 dual channel Kingston value ram set for a 1GB system, at default speed. My system is a Media center PC. I am freezing all the time. I usally run my XMS at 2.7V and its fine, but when I put in the kingston it acts up. I have tried 2.6V for the for the kingston and relaxed the timings but I cant seem to get them to play nice. BTW the kingston also runs fine by it self also. If anyone (Ram Guy) knows what I might try please help. Thank You Mark
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It's probably a mixture of two things...


1) Your four modules don't match. It's like trying to run a diesel engine with a regular fuel pump, the two aren't compatible with each other, even though they're both engine parts. Your system has a hard time dealing with modules that don't run exactly alike.


2) Four modules is hard on any system and can cause errors. The best way to deal with this is a higher VDimm Voltage setting (2.75+) and slower latencies, I.E. CAS 3-4-4-




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