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Limitations of ICUE control of K63

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I have a new K63. Some ICUE functions work with the keyboard; some are not available. I'm wondering whether that is how it should be or whether there is a problem with my keyboard.


What works

  • The K63 is recognized by ICUE.
  • ICUE makes available various lighting effects such as Visor, Rain, etc.
  • ICUE lets me control various settings on the keyboard such as LED auto-shutoff.


What does not work

  • ICUE does not offer the ability to create multiple layers. (i.e. add more than one lighting effect using the + sign.) Indeed, no + sign appears after Lighting Effects. See the attached screenshot.
  • Instant Lighting cannot be used to turn OFF the lights or turn ON blue. (Of course, clicking on colors other than BLUE should probably be a no-op.)


I'd just like to confirm that this is what to expect with the keyboard and I don't have a defective product.


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A little disappointed tbh, I didn't know this before purchasing & I'd gotten used to it with my K65 LUX.


It'd be nice to have a keyboard with mechanical switches like the K63 wireless, but with lighting effects (and maybe rgb) like the K57 RGB.

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