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XMS4400C25 showing as DDR400 in CPU-Z


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Just bought 2x512 sticks of XMS4400C25. Couldn't get them past 220MHz (currently running 6:5 at 212MHz), so I checked in CPU-Z to see what it said. It's telling me I've got 2x512 of PC3200 with SPD settings of 2.5-4-4-8 (the right settings anyway). The labels on the RAM tell me they are what they're supposed to be, but I don't know what to think given I can't get them past 220. The CPU is at 9x255 (2295MHz) and running 100% stable. The second I set the max memory setting to DDR400, WinXP won't load without crashing. Did I somehow get the wrong RAM? Yes, I'm running the newest release of the BIOS, and the RAM is at 2.75V (2.9V didn't help).


A64 3000+ 9x255 (2295MHz) @ 1.5625V

Asus A8N-E

Antec Neopower 480W

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In case anyone read this and is having similar problems, it is definitely the board, not the memory. Turns out the Asus Nforce4 boards (SLI and Ultra) are really finicky when it comes to overclocking. If you have high bandwidth memory, you have to drop the CPU multiplier, up the FSB, and keep the memory divisor at something below 1:1. Stupid yes, but it works. Plus, I don't know if it's just my board, but it definitely appears to hate any FSB 300MHz or above even if you drop the multiplier. So if it's not just my board and you're buying the A8N-E or the A8N-SLI, don't bother buying anything over DDR500 memory, as you could never get it over 250MHz anyway (Highest FSB is 299, highest mem divisor is 6:5, roughly equals 250MHz).


This link really helped me:


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