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Corsair Darkcore mouse remapping for accessibility use


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Hi folks!


I just got my new Corsair Darkcore RGB SE mouse & am having trouble getting the 2 'top side'(dpi swapping default buttons) to remap to what I'd like, the iCUE software is a little confusing.


Am disabled & can only use my left hand; would anyone be kind enough to maybe hop on my Discord server to walk/ talk thru what I'm trying to get it to do? Typing gets a bit painful.


I've already tried to follow a button rebinding guide but so far it's being odd or I'm assigning wrong keys? In respect to what I'm trying to remap or do --- I'd like to get the 'dpi up/down' buttons on top left panel (not on left side panel) to remap to up/down arrow on keyboard for a profile for non tab-target games, where mouse-look / cam movement is locked ...so I can move forward & back...if that makes sense?


Thx in advance! I'll toss a link to my discord for the kind soul able to help.

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