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I feel completely lied to and deceived by Corsair right now...


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Hi. First off I would like to say that I just spent over $5000 with Corsair for an Obsidian 1000D Case, AX1600i PSU, Dominator Platinum RAM (4x16GB @ 3600MHz), 2x Custom Water Loops with XD5 pump/reservoirs and 25x QL Series Fans.


I am extremely upset right now because I feel that the WEEKS I have spent preparing to make the purchase have left me in total disarray as I am finding out that the Obsidian 1000D specs and pictures are a complete misrepresentation of what the Case actually can fit to create the "Default Configuration" listed by Corsair


First off, let me show you what Corsair advertises as a Default Config and how the website is completely misleading to the customer


1) Fan Setup - I bought 6x 140mm fans for the top airflow at the direction of the Obsidian 1000D Default Configuration.


What you see here is a Default Config that is listed as 3x 140mm fans. It even shows 3x purple lines listed as "140mm" and they appear right above the 3 fans show in the picture...



The thing is... the picture is showing a 360mm rad with 3x 120mm fans!!!! How Do I know? I bought one.. This is what a 420 MM rad with 140mm fans looks like




Notice how the fans are centered to the case?




2) Rad setup - I bought 1x 420 and 2x 480 rads at the direction of what is advertised. Only to find that they do not fit!




As you can see here, the default configuration lists 140, 280 or 420mm rad for the top. However, what you see in the picture is a 360mm radiator. Which, ironically, doesn't even fit the case as it is shipped - you need to buy a separate fan plate.


What I got is this...




With the inlets on the side of the case that I prefer, there isn't even enough clearance to allow for the FANS in a push/pull - let alone any fittings or tubing!!


Also, when I changed the inlets on the top rad to the left hand side - I get this


There isn't enough clearance for the fittings, let alone the rest of the fans on the front radiator.


You can see it illustrated here



Now... I would have been OK with reconfiguring the top radiators and fans to 120mm sizes. IF I knew that I absolutely had to in order to make the so called "Default Configuration" actually fit the case.


The fact that all of the diagrams that Corsair has put on the website for the 1000D show 360mm top radiator and 120mm fans with markings saying "420mm and 140mm" is absolutely absurd. It is misleading and false!


Furthermore, I was actually intending on replacing the top fan rack with a 2x480 - but, they are out of stock.. so I figured, "That's fine. I will use the default configuration which is what they suggest anyway, right?"





So now I am left with 6x QL140mm fans and a 420mm radiator (that is about $400 in merchandise) that are basically paper weights.


The only thing I can do to save my build is to get an 8x 120 fan tray for the top and switch to 2x 360 rads with 12x QL120mm fans. And honestly, I would like to finish the build with that setup.


However... now I am forced to return merchandise to both Amazon and Corsair and then order new parts, some of which are not in stock, and wait for packing and shipping?


This seems like I am being cornered by misleading configurations by Corsair and now have to go out of my way to repackage stuff and request refunds and mail it all out. Wait for my money to get back to me and order all new products to replace it.........



I am sincerely hoping that Corsair will do something for me to make this right. I spent dozens of hours planning the build only to find that the manufacturers specs weren't accurate - I hope you can sympathize with the frustration and anger that I am going through right now.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing back from Corsair on the situation I am in right now.


-Chris (iightfyre)

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Hi Chris,


I agree that picture is somewhat misleading and should not be used for the stock configuration picture.


As far as getting the stock configuration to fix, there are a few tricks you can use to get you some more space to fit everything in.


Option 1 - Flip the top fan tray

You can switch the top fan tray in the brackets so the convex side is facing up. You can mount 1 row of fans on top of the tray this way and still slide the tray in. Then you mount the radiator to the bottom of the tray to the fans. Finally the last row fans below that. That will give you an extra 10mm or so in the top of the case which should give you some more space to clear the front fittings.


Option 2 - Flip the front radiators

You can mount the front 2x480mm radiators with the fittings on the bottom. That gives you a lot more clearance in the top of the case.


You can do both of these things and that will give you a lot more space in that front corner than you currently have shown in your pictures.


I know you're hacked, but these are some ways to make what you currently have fit in the case.



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Hi buddy... dang.. sorry to see you are stressed man....


you could try


Rotate top rad so fittings are at the back of the case and rotate front rads so fittings are at the bottom (makes draining easier also)..


i went 2 x 360 up top my self...




Might also be worth joining us over on the Corsair Case Owners Club Discord server, fair few 1000d owners hang around there that are happy to share what they/we know..



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Thanks for the replies! I did some quick tests and by swapping the location of the inlets on all rads and flipping the orientation of the top tray it looks like I may be able to make the current config fit! Albeit, I will need to rethink my loop but that is fine.


I will see if I can mount the rads and fans tonight after work and post a screenshot. Still worried that I won’t like the look as the rads are different thicknesses and the vertical and horizontal fans will be basically on top of each other.


But I figure that I would give it a shot and see what the finished mount looks like before deciding if I want to go to 2x 360s on top and wait for a 8x120 fan tray to come in stock.


I have a feeling that the 360s up top would look much cleaner - but I think I should mount the fans and rads and let it soak in before starting to return stuff and order new parts.

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