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Controlling pairs of QL120 fans as one in push/pull config


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I'm going to be running 2x 360 radiators with 12 QL120 fans in push/pull config. I found a video from Corsair explaining that you can set the order of your fans in iCue so that lighting effects flow in order from the first fan to the last in that array.


What I'd also like to do is be able to set pairs of QL120's as groups (1-6 for example).


The idea is that 'sweeping' type lighting effects would flow through all the fans from one end of each radiator stack to the other end, instead of going around the radiator stack sequentially through all individual fans (which I'd also like to do but not all the time).


So let's say on top of the radiator are fans #1, #2, and #3. Fans on the bottom of the radiator are #4, #5, and #6. I would like to have fans #1 and #4 paired up to display the exact same lighting effect, then fans #2 and #5 would be paired up to display the same lighting effect, then fans #3 and #6 would be paired up to display the same lighting effect, and so on. Basically just pairing up the fans into groups of two that will perform the same lighting effect at the same time.


Is this possible?


Excuse me if it's a dumb question but I'm still planning and building my system and do not have the software installed because I do not have any RGB fans installed yet.


Thank you!

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hi buddy... the best way to do this would be to use RGB Fan LED Hubs and clone them by using a splitter to put 2 hubs on one RGB channel...


this is how i have mine set up in a 1000d






mine are in banks of 4 fans. as each bank of 4 fans is running off of the same RGB channel it means each hub displays the same RGB and sequence to its fans.


hope that makes some sort of sense lol....

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This is great, thank you. That's an impressive fan setup too!


I'll have to take another look at it later because on my phone I can't zoom in far enough to see what cable that is you are using to merge the two RGB boxes on to one header. :-)


For some reason my phone doesn't seem to be downloading the full resolution image. But yes the concept makes perfect sense, I would just want to think of a way to have an easy swap out of the cabling to decouple the fans when I actually want effects that will run through the entire array in sequence.


Or it would be nice if Corsair was able to implement this feature in software on their next revision.. that would just allow you to couple or decouple fans whenever you choose.

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