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Possible Bad Chips?

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Thank you for the opportunity to ask for help with my memory! I have Corsair VS C2.5 (2x512MB) DDR4 matched pair in my box that I just bought/built.


All appears okay with other hardware but I am getting random anomilies when doing certain tasks and installation of Windows Updates typically results in a BSOD Machine_Check_Exception STOP: 0c0000009C.


Looks around Google all point to possible bad memory chips...is there anyone that can assist me in finding out and if so, how to get a replacement set without bringing my mission critical box down for six weeks????




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Can you tell me our modules part# (How To Read the Memory Label) and the make and model of MB you have along with the CPU speed and it’s FSB as well? In addition, please tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set? And have you ran http://www.memtest.org on your system?
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Hi there and thanks for the response! I ran memtest through 2 times and it passed.


The memory sticker says:

Corsair VS512MB400



Information from memtest:

Athalon 64 (0.09) 1809 Mhz

L1 Cache 128K

L2 Cache 512K

Mem 1024 M

Chipset nForce 2 250 ECC Disabled

Settings RAM: 201 Mhz DDR 401 CAS 2.5-4-3-8


I am on an AMD 64, default BIOS Settings.


What else can I try?

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Hi there, I went into BIOS and upped the DDR Voltage by 0.1+ and ran, passed tests. Upped again by 0.2+ (my only two options) and ran, passed again.


I remain hopeful that I can find a solution soon, I am getting desperate! What else can I try?



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Still getting the error...I wasn't aware there was a specific CPU driver from AMD...a quick glance at the system properties for the processor shows:

AMD Athlon 654 Processor 3000+

Device Type: Processors

Manufacturer: (Standard processor types)

Location: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System


Status: Working properly...

Driver Tab:

Driver Provider: Microsoft

Driver Date: 10/1/2002

Driver Version: 5.2.3790.0

Digitial Signer: Microsoft Windows Publisher


Should I get me an AMDer????

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