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(feature requests) performance footprint reduction suggestions


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I have a corsair harpoon wired mouse.


I use various iCue profiles for custom lighting, sensitivity, and button remaps specific to different games.


The performance impact on startup and in-game are bigger than I'd like for software that is supposed to be run while gaming.


I'd like to reduce it one of two ways: 1. bypass the software with the "save profile to mouse" feature, OR 2. Reduce the fooprint of the software itself.


So for the first possibitity of saving it all on the mouse:

1. I can get by with one profile at a time if it can be all on the mouse.

2. I don't need lighting effects to be saved

3. I can control the mouse sensitivity via windows settings as long as the mouse defaults to max dpi,

4. Remapped button actions for one or two buttons is really all I need on there for this function to be killer-good and useful.


As for the other option of reducing the footprint of the icue software itself:

1. selectable components during install - I don't need widgets, lighting, sdk, monitoring, osd, dpi adjustment, multiple profiles, banners, window compostion, etc. always running on the driver - I can adjust those separately every so often as necessary

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I just want on-board storage on ALL devices that can hold at least one profile so you can save the lighting you want one time and it stays there forever even if you plug it into a new computer.

And whatever in this driver that is using 200mb of ram at all times is ridiculous

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