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Wired Headset connection


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New to the forum, so I hope I don't do something that is not acceptable or may seem a bit ignorant. I have been known to be a bit technically challenged!


I recent acquired a Corsair headset with the USB connection and fell in love with this headset. I acquired a second one but it did not come with the USB connection but had the mini RCA 3 connector plug and no adapter to plug into my computer. I am NOT a gamer, but use the mic for my telecommuting. One in the office, one at home. It did not come with the factory supplied USB adapter and I could not locate the factory Corsair plug adapter on the website so I located a "DUKABEL" adapter but for what ever reason, my computer does not recognize the headset. I do not know if the issue is the headset or the adapter, or if the headset is even working. Any help here or how to test the headset would be appreciated. Not sure what model headsets I have but it appears by the style I have the VOID Pro. The one with the USB connector is black (carbon?), has the changing LED colors on the ear pieces and the boom mic swings down into position and there is a mic mute button the left ear piece. The other headset looks the same, same mic with what appears to be an LED band when you mute the mic, but I do not know if there are LEDs in the ear pieces. Just received the wireless VOID Pro RGB and it is also amazing. It had the USB wireless transmitter so it was plug and play and I will be trying it out with Dragon Speech Recognition software.


I hope you all got through my long and wordy explanation. Thanks again.

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