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Looking for Power Supply Pin layout for HX1200i and HX1200


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I just joined the forum and found a lots of helpful discussion going on around here.


But I could not fight the PSU pin layout discussion. So, I am posting here about it.


I have been working on making sleeved Power Supply Cables for Corsair, Cooler master, EVGA, etc. And now I am stuck with Corsair HX1200i and HX1200 fully modular cable pin layout. As this is an authentic forum for Corsair users, I am hoping to find some valuable help.


If anyone have the pin layout diagram available for this two types of Power supplies, please do share it with me. I am looking for it for a long time.


FYI, neither I have the PSU nor the stock cables, as I don't own any of it.


Thanks in advance and in your debt forever.

Iori :biggrin:

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