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Twinx1024-3200ll and Abit AV83rd-Eye


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This is my exact problem. I’ve tried multiple bios as well as latest and this problem persist. My computer is booting ddr400 at ddr333 frequencies after clearing cmos. It worked for 2 weeks then click, random reboot, and dual channel was gone. This is driving me insane. Single modules work fine at proper latencies and frequencies. But both modules in single channel don’t even boot at performance timings, relaxed latencies work but that’s no good. How can you tell if you have a bad cpu? I have a 550W psu with 30A on the 12V rail could this be the problem? Memtest86 and Goldmemory, no errors on both modules testing individually. No errors on memory at relaxed latencies (keep in mind I cant boot with performance timings) in single channel.???????????????
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