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Installation Corsair ICUE freeze at 71 %


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I wanted to install the iCUE software for my H100i RGB Platinum, and during installation, the installation progress froze at 71%. Windows froze and I couldn't move the mouse or turn off the computer. So I pressed the reset button on the PC to stop the installation and restart the PC.


At the beginning of the installation process, I got the message "You must close the following applications before continuing the installation: - NVIDIA Web Helper Service, - Origin, - C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\QtWebEngineProcess.exe, - C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\QtWebEngineProcess.exe, - Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer 20.12, - Unknown process




So I pressed the "Close and restart" button, then the installation progress stalled at 71% and froze the computer.




Please note that the Corsair LINK 4 software is already installed on my PC. Can this cause conflicts and be the reason for the problem? Can I install both Corsair LINK 4 and Corsair iCUE, or only one of them? Must I first uninstall the software Corsair LINK 4 before to install Corsair iCUE software ?


Now I see that the application still created a CORSAIR iCUE Software folder and installed files on the C drive: However, the CORSAIR iCUE application is not listed in the list of applications in Add/Remove Program. It is also not listed when I use CCleaner.








How can I uninstall folders and files from CORSAIR iCUE since it is not listed in the applications in Windows? And how must I do to install Corsair iCUE without problems?


Thank you in advance for your help.



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