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HS45 Surround mic levels too low


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I've just received the HS45 Surround headset and mic. I've installed iCUE v3.32.80 softare, and am connected to my laptop via the USB dongle. The software was installed before I connected the dongle.


icue recognises that I am connected. The microphone and headphones work.. I cannot find any settings for microphone level in icue.


In Windows, the microphone levels are set to 100.


When recording myself, I come across as a faint whisper, but any breathing sounds are very loud.


Where can I find the microphone level settings in iCUE? If this can't be fixed, I'll have to return them.

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Our HS45 headset uses a unidirectional microphone, which means that the pickup needs to be directly towards your mouth for optimal input. I'd recommend trying to reposition the mic closer and directing it towards you. You can also adjust the sound volume in iCUE under the HS45 Device with the slider on the right. If you continue running into issues, please reach out to our technical support team for more extensive troubleshooting:



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