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Ironclaw Wireless Macros - How Do I Create an Aiming Macro


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Hey all... Just picked up an Ironclaw Wireless RGB Mouse - curious if anyone has figured out a way to create a profile where the "Forward" key works like an "Aiming" button (usually your right click in FPS games) but also make it such that when it is depressed, it slows you DPI or Sensitivity, to assist in aiming...


Think Sniper function but for use with all weapons in FPS games...


I basically want to make the Forward Key work like the Aiming key in Corsair's M65 RGB ELITE Tunable FPS Gaming Mouse (which is only offered in a wired - version)


Anyone know how to write a macro like this that I can assign??? is this a lost cause??? Do i have to buy the M65 and give up having wireless connectivity??? I'm really impressed thus far with the Slipstream 2.4g wireless option...


Thanks in advance!!!

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