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ICue doesn't recognize mouse & keyboard


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So I submitted a ticket to Corsair for assistance but they don't seem to have a fix yet and it's getting annoying. I have the k57 RGB and Harpoon RGB mouse. Basically when I swapped out my old HDD for an SSD and had to reinstall all my programs, ICue no longer detects my devices as being connected.


Before they upgrade they were connected via slipstream to the mouse dongle, (2 devices, 1 dongle) and all worked great. Then when I changed drives, it no longer detects the devices despite all combinations of connection to my PC. However, the dongle for the keyboard still at least is detected in ICue but it says keyboard isn't connected (because it is currently paired to the one for the mouse via slipstream).


Does anyone have an answer for me because corsair support has been going on a month with their own internal forums with no answer and I just want to have my macros and remapping back.


Thanks in advance

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