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HS60 Pro - iCue EQ and Surround feature doesn't work.


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Yesterday I had my first and long awaited contact with my latest Corsair headset; the HS60 Pro.


However, when installing and trying to change the equalization and Surround options of the iCUE software, I noticed that no changes are being applied by the program.


My predecessor headset was also a Corsair, but the model was VOID Pro, and during 3 years of use I never had any problems with the equalization provided by iCUE.


I would like to know the reason why this is happening with this model, and if there is any solution for that.


Although the audio is of excellent quality, I don't like standard EQ setting for this model, which makes the EQ customization by iCUE necessary.




The operating system is Windows 10 and is newly installed.


The iCUE software, like the S.O, is also recently installed in its latest version provided by Corsair's official website.

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Hi, i suggest you uninstall icue clean your registry then restart then reinstall. it sould resolve your issues with Icue


Great suggestion Warocheif! Below is a link that will help with the process:



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