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Prices of Current Models Considered Outrageous Now


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I've been a member here since the beginning of the C1, love you guys, but this must be said, and hope you guys at Corsair are already on it....


Corsair I just want to say that good on your guys for realizing the coming of the new 3000 series and doping the price tag $500 on the i165 and similar discounts on other models, but I must mention this.


A $500 reduction in price is not going to cut it, your charging $3000 before tax for the i165 which cannot compete a $2000 build that can easily out-perform the I165 with a 3070 costing around $500ish. NVIDIA REALLY rocked the market with this 3000 release.


To my point, Corsair please consider doping the prices on current gaming PC's even further. Anyone buying Corsairs current C1 Line understand your getting Hardware that is no longer the freshest on the market, but will be paying a pretty fresh premium for a "new" PC.


The value you get with the higher line of C1's currently available is at a new low and makes absolutely no sense to buy. The 2080TI costing $1200ish alone is OUT-PERFORMED by a $500ish 3070. That's a $700 difference in price/performance!!!


If I may, to bring value back to the customer and also help get rid of that increase in inventory you may soon see, I would NOW knock an additional $500+ of all your machines with 2000 series NVidia card to make up the difference in value that now just entered center stage from NVIDIA. An I 165/I164 at this point makes no sense for anything more than $2500, and thats AFTER tax.


I cannot imagine anyone buying most high end models at this time unless they are either in an absolute need right now of a compact PC, or honestly... they're just ignorant to the current market and tech available.


Customers are crying out for UPGRADE kits. If Corsair were to implement this I'm sure a lot of customers would be happy and CONTINUE their loyalty to the brand and the C1.

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