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Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 overclclock


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evening all!


I took your advice on memory last week (which was an awesome help!!) and decided on 1 pair of Corsair vengeance pro 32gb 3600CL18 sticks


I got the model m2z - Version 3.31 (which I think is Micron E Die)


When I apply a basic overclock to CL16 the PC will not post.


I have triple checked everything, imported the correct file over from typhoon burner. Applied minimum and Recommended voltages (not max)


I bought a pair rather than 4x8gb as I was advised this would be easier to overclock and less hassle overall.


If anyone could shed any light that would be great.


My previous memory 16gb Vengeance pro Model M2D 3600 CL18 ver 3.31 easily timed to CL16. (I don't want anything more than this)





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Not all memory kits are the same nor will they overclock the same. Also the ability for a kit of memory to overclock or be able to tighten the timings relies heavily on the motherboard's memory layout and the integrated memory controller on the CPU to be able to be able to run those capacities at the higher speed and tighter timings.
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