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Corsair ONE a100 - very limited iCUE functionality


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I recently bought a100 compact PC and instantly noticed a CPU overheating problem. In an idle mode CPU temperature was 60+ degrees Celsius, and reaching all the way to 100 degrees under the moderate load.

This is when i realised that the main fan is not spinning at all! In iCUE in "Performance" section I found 3 modes - default, extreme and custom. It allows me to control a single setting - Main fan PRM. The crazy thing is in default mode the main fan is not spinning. In extreme mode it's spinning 100% which makes my PC a little noisy. In custom mode it allows you to specify only the fixed percentage of max RPM, i can't make it temperature dependent. It means that every time i want to launch a game i have to manually increase the main fan PRM and then decrease it back to around 50% when i'm back to desktop.

It doesn't feel right at all. On the tutorial videos about iCUE i've seen dozens of different settings, but the only think i can change is main fan speed.

A couple of screenshots attached.

Am I missing something here? Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hey there Pastet,

The fan can turn off if it's not needed, but should be reacting in the event that there is excess heat. What version of iCUE are you running?


And if you haven't yet, do reach out to our Corsair One Support team, they'd be happy to look into this further for you to make sure everything is running correctly so you don't have heat issues moving forward.


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