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K70 RGB MK.2 SE Several LEDs stuck on color


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I've only noticed this recently, but 8 of my keys have gotten stuck on red. I've attached a GIF to show which ones are red, and you should also be able to see that they are flickering. It might be hard to see, but the flickering goes from left to right. When the flicker happens, the keys briefly go to the blue that's everywhere else.


Things I've tried:

Disabling SDK

Updating iCUE (haven't reinstalled)

Updating keyboard firmware

Restarting iCUE Service

Clearing keyboard's onboard storage

Changing polling rate


I don't have Corsair Link installed so I don't think that its a lighting control issue. The most recent thing I've installed since I noticed the issue was Solidworks 2020.


Edit: the direction of flickering just changed from right to left.


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I've already opened a ticket for Corsair Support, but if anyone has any ideas of there own, please let me know! I just cleaned my keyboard today and it looks like it can't decide what color is supposed to be displayed for the ` and 1 keys. The rest look like they have their own color setting that is trying to be used.
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Mine does it in the same area as well, ` and 1, and e though i. I don't know a whole lot about rgbs so I can't be much help. On my Strafe


White= yellowish tint

Blue= pinkish tint

Green= normal color

Red= normal color, however effected keys flicker at first, then they stop


This started a few days ago for me, and I've had my keyboard for 3 years, and this is the first issue I've had.

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