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What happened to RamGuy?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been flogging my two worse 512 MB XMS3500 sticks on the DFI Ultra-D board and I got them to 260, 2-2-2-5 @ 3.43 VDIMM. Sandra unbuffered is 3743/3843. Not bad for ram circa 2002. I estimate my better pair of sticks will do 265 or so. Who needs this UTT stuff? :D:


Moreover all seven sticks are consistent: no crapshoot as with UTT. My other five sticks will do better than these two (I already tested them individually and know what they do in SC).

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In the RAM world, you are a rich man owning 7 sticks of the original BH-5 monsters. :bling:


LISTEN UP FOLKS: if you were lucky enough to hang on to these 512 MB XMS3500 sticks, each and every pair of sticks should be able to do 255-265, 2-2-2-5 on these latest NF3/NF4 A64 boards! Voltage requirements are around 3.1-3.5.


I've tried some of this TwinM/VX/Mush Blues over the last couple of weeks and they have serious divider issues. On some boards they won't post or if they do, they are clearly not stable in 3D. The sticks are purely 1:1 or 200 divider if you are gaming, and you will need an $$$ 3500+ to get the 11x divider to do any damage.


Moreover, it's a crapshoot finding a pair of UTT/VX that will break 250, 2-2-2-8 at 3.3 volts. As each of my seven XMS3500 sticks have tested DDR504-519 in SC on P4 rigs at 3.28 VDIMM, no problem here. The DFI NF4 board can definitely take the sticks to a new level. Moreover, I have no divider issues with the Corsair.


I have been testing a 3000+ and 3200+ the last two nights, and I can't bench 3D at 300x9, 166 divider unless I put in the Corsair. Even though the UTT/VX I have can do 255-263, 2-2-2-5 (I got lucky here too :laughing:).


The UTT/VX stuff develop #6 errors at high VDIMM. The Corsair BH-5 do also, but it's not quite as bad. Throw complete stability out the window. That's why guys who claim to be doing 270, 2-2-2- are only CPUZ stable. Ask them to show an unbuffered screenie even ;):.

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