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k70 A few keys fail to display some colors


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Hello, everyone. This is my first post here.

My k70 rgb is around 8 months old, and since a few days, it has stopped displaying some colors in the following keys:



Right Shift

Right Ctrl



Page Down


The keys are able to display red and green, but blues tend to become pink or faded red, and on some color settings, they start flickering a bit as if trying hard to produce that color. The keys work fine, only the colors are messed up.


Below are some pics I took to show what I mean. I changed the colors using iCue using the 'solid color' lighting effect for all the keys at the same time.







Green works fine (so does red).


I updated iCue and updated firmware for the keyboard through iCue itself. I also tried connecting the keyboard to my PS4, and the problem persisted (default rainbow lighting effect skips some colors from the aforementioned keys).


Sometimes, randomly, the colors start displaying properly for a short while, only to fall back to the same problem. Is this an imminent hardware failure or something software related?


Thank you very much.

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