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Is this normal wheel behaviour? Ironclaw Wireless


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I'm replacing my old mouse and haven't been sure what to get.


I got a Logitech G903 but having to send it back. I got an Ironclaw RGB Wireless yesterday, and while it's really nice there's one issue that's really a deal-breaker.


When scrolling the wheel fast it doesn't register all clicks.


Example, in Factorio a slow scroll out zooms from fully in to fully out in about 2 finger lengths. If I try do that quickly it takes 5 or 6 scrolls! It seems like it can only read so many wheel inputs per second so scrolling fast is ignored.


This only happens on the Ironclaw, with my old Coolermaster Sentinal or the G903 wheel speed doesn't affect how much it scrolls.


I'm trying to find out if this is normal or a fault, to decide on return or replacement.

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