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I'm 99.94% sure I have a bad module

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I have a Dell Dimension 8400, 3.2Ghz Intel Pentium 540 which uses DDR2 RAM. I upgraded to a 1GB dual channel kit, which contains 2 VS512MB533D2 strips. I removed the factory 512MB pair of RAM, so this was the only RAM on the motherboard.


The system ran fine from the start, then became unstable out of the blue. Reseated the RAM (and everything else). Not any better. Had a tech look at the system, and his disgnosis was a bad RAM strip. Since I installed the upgrade, I ordered another of the same Corsair 1GB RAM kit - and all is fine... system runs great.


So I know I've got a bad strip in this pair - I just need that "I talked to customer support" number to submit a RMA for a replacement pair (don't know which strip is bad - bought as a dual strip package pair).


BTW the purchase location was Newegg.com - they've refered me to Corsair for replacement.



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