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460x top mount h100i w/ RGB RAM


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This is just a quick feeler question.


I currently have my h100i v2 front mounted in my 460x. I bought both because it's what my old build was, this one is just white, and wanted to have somewhat matching builds for my gf and I. However what I DIDN'T take into account was that my Corsair Vengeance RAM is taller than my old Ripjaws and so the radiator didn't fit on top like it did before.


I(like many) do prefer a top exhaust radiator, and was wondering if anyone has, or if it is officially a TERRIBLE idea to mount the radiator to the vent holes on top vs the actual fan mounting points. I want to say only one half of the holes will actually be lined up incorrectly.


Obviously this goes against the design of the case, and I have no idea if the metal for the vents is noticeably thinner/weaker than the mounting points. When I first put it together I "tested" it out and it IS possible, I just didn't go through with it because I didn't have time to get a second opinion(too excited to get it together the RIGHT way hahaha).


So, no issues or is this a HORRIBLE idea?

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