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SP Fans and lighting strips not being recognised


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So i have 4 lighting strips and 4 SP fans connected to a commander pro and lighting node core. up until about 1 month or so ago they were working perfectly. since then ive had more common issues with the fans and strips rgb not registering until this week where basically none work apart from 1 (white only).


ive narrowed it down to the fan in slot 1 on the lighting node which only lights as white no matter which of the 4 is plugged in to slot 1.

ive uninstalled and reinstalled icue, no change.

even when icue is uninstalled and everything goes to default lighting the fans and strips dont light correctly.

on the windows login page they all still dont light.

ive unplugged and replugged everthing, no change.

ive tested the lighting strips in my other pc and they work correctly and ive tested the strips from my other pc in this and its the same result, no lighting.

ive tested a lighting node and commander pro from my other pc in this one and its the same result even though they work correctly in my other pc.

ive uninstalled and reinstalled a older version of icue at 3.31.81 and same result, which was the initial version i installed when system was built and it all worked.


out of the 4 fans 1 came with the case (220T) and 3 came in a 3pack. all four are exhibiting the same conditions so at this point i dont feel like its a hardware failure as theyre from different batches and all brand new and were working fine. the only thing thats changed on my pc in the last month or so has been windows updates.


does anyone have an insights as to what might be causing this to occur as its kinda doing my head in at this point. attached is an icue export hopefully of some worth.

Icue Export.zip

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