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Will Corsair make a Foot Pedal/Foot Switch?


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Or "The Thing We Didn't Know We Needed".


Recently we have had to implement Push To Talk on every channel due to certain events.


We have a few players in our Discord that use controllers, and they can't map PTT to anything as they don't have buttons left. One bright spark just mentioned foot pedals - most of us didn't know they existed!


Sadly, most of the ones available are cheap trashy items with AWFUL software.


If Corsair were to make reasonably priced, reliable one- two- and three-pedal foot switches with really positive and easy to use software mapping, it would be amazing!

Obviously, there would need to be some marketing, as most people don't know about them, but I'm super interested even though I use a K95+M65E, as I want a PTT and Sprint that allows me to free my fingers up.


It would be even better if it mapped things 'beyond keystrokes' such as joystick buttons (if it can tell the PC it's a joystick, for example), to allow extra bindings for new functions that don't 'fit' in the keyboard bindings.


An additional question: If, say, you mapped a keystroke (such as "shift"), would pressing a foot switch interrupt the keyboard input (i.e. if you were holding down "w" to run forward", because that would be an issue.


As mentioned - You build it, I will buy it. Already have a dozen pals that would be interested, once we were introduced to the concept!

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Here because I was searching for something similar.


The most professional foot switches appear to be designed for use transcription clerks, and as has already been mentioned come with some primitive and clunky looking drivers. They do for the most part seem to have the ability to be bound to a custom keybind, so as not to replicate something already available on the keyboard.


The model held in highest regard, for a balance of quality and price in that market is the Infinity Digital Foot Pedal In-USB2, the more expensive next runner up being the Philips ACC2330


If you are looking into joystick compatible options, the range immediately drifts into expensive flight pedals from Thrustmaster and Saitek or racing pedals from Logitech and PXN. These are analogue inputs that most games will see as a joystick input, and may be difficult to set up for something more simple such as push to talk.


Then there is the plethora of very cheap looking simple key switches available. There are many and all seem to have very basic build and software to go with them.


The main factors that you see all of the above evaluated against are the ergonomic experience, being able to find the pedal with your foot easily, and keep it on there. The next most important is ensuring the pedal is on a sturdy non slip base, particularly where the pedals are on a hard floor.


I would definitely consider buying a gaming-oriented 2 or 3 digital pedal that is easy to map in most game titles and apps such as Discord or Teamspeak, and ties into iCue and benefits from the action system. RGB lighting would be a nice bonus of course.

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You can use one of these things for a DIY project :



They are recognized by the PC as a game controller without drivers.

Then it's just a matter of getting a sturdy enclosure, a momentary switch, maybe the kind used in some guitar effect pedals, and wire up the bunch.


Since it's a gamepad controller for windows, it's easy to bind it to PTT.


Mount that card on like a looper enclosure, wide enough to put as many switches as needed https://www.musikding.de/Looper-enclosure-20cm

these beasties you can jump on and they will keep working : https://www.musikding.de/1PST-momentary-footswitch-soft-short


add a few PCB standoffs, screws, rubber pads so the thing don't slide around under the desk..

Total price, if you look for better deals, maybe 50 bucks, no drivers required, built like a tank.


I use that controller for Elite Dangerous and FS2020, one toggle switch is actually used for microphone mute/ PTT

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