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I'm kinda new to the whole corsair lighting & fan thing and could really use some help.


My case is the 465x with the supplied 3 x LL120 fans in the front and 1 added to the rear. I also have the Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM cooler which has the supplied 2 ML120 Pro RGB fans on the radiator.


Everything works fine and i can control the RGB of all fans and cooler through Icue but can only control fan speed of the ML120's attached to the radiator and of course the cooler pump. I really want to add fan control of the case fans also


I have purchased a commander pro but am really struggling on how to connect everything together. I have seen many lighting diagrams online but nothing that matches my setup.


Would be so grateful if someone could help



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  • Corsair Employees

With your setup, I'd recommend the following:


Commander PRO connected to motherboard onboard USB 2.0 header.

(Connect your 4 LL fans' PWM leads to the Commander PRO).


Connect your PLATINUM cooler's USB lead to the Commander PRO's USB 2.0 hub.

Connect your ML RGB fan PWM and lighting cables to the leads coming off of the PLATINUM cooler.


Connect your Lighting Node CORE to the Commander PRO's USB 2.0 hub.

Connect your LL fan lighting cables to the Lighting Node CORE (must be plugged in sequentially from ports 1-4 in your instance).

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