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Not an issue. Just some questions about K70 Mk.2 and Ironclaw wireless


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Hey guys,


I hope I didnt post it somewhere that's just for technical errors and issues cause that's not my thing. I just recently made a purchase for the K70 RGB Mk.2 and the ironclaw wireless and I have some questions for these 2 that I couldn't really find answered while browsing. Keep in mind that I haven't received them yet. Here they are :


1. I chose the Ironclaw wireless instead of just the normal one mostly because of design(sounds stupid maybe to some but yeah.) That said I'd like to ensure that I ll be able to use it while wired in without any issues.

2. If No.1 is a yes, will the batteries life time get ruined if I just keep it plugged in?

3. Will it be easy to just swap it from plugged in to its wireless mode(Mostly talking about slipstream. Not that much for bluetooth.)

4. Will it be possible to create macros for the keyboard?

5. The keyboard has a USB port on it's back. Will I have any delays if I decide to connect my mouse there or will it be just if I'd have put it in a USB 3 port on my pc?


Thanks for your time and once again, sorry if this ain't the place for these type of questions. I just couldn't find any other.

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  • Corsair Employees

1) Yes, you can use the Ironclaw Wireless as wired.


2) Any device with a battery experiences some degradation when continuously wired. It wouldn't hurt to go wireless every now and then, but otherwise the general rule follows.


3) Yes! Swapping straight from wired mode to Slipstream is a breeze. I personally keep my Ironclaw in 2.4 GHz mode (toggled from the bottom). As soon as I've charged it for a sufficient amount of time, I'll disconnect the wire and it reconnects without any issue.


4) Yes. Although the K70 MK.2 is without dedicated macro keys, you can reassign macros to certain keys in iCUE.


5) No, you will not have any delays if you connect a mouse to the K70's USB pass-through port. We fully support connecting your mouse or headset to it!


No need to apologize for any of your questions! We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to address any concerns.

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