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8 fans on x570 Aorus Master


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Hy to all Corsair fans,

:!:First of all, please excuse my english spelling.


Now, as i said in title post, i want to connect 8 fans 4x120LL (front and rear), 2x140LL (bottom) and 2ML (top-from H115i RGB Platinum) in my 680X case. The x570 mobo, has 5 sys_fan (2 are sys_fan_pump), 1 cpu_fan, 1 cpu_opt, 2 usb connectors. In my mind, is above diagram:

All 6LL are connecting: 6 RGB wires in RGB fan hub, 6 PWM wires (4llx120 to 4 sys_fan, i gues it doesen’t matter where, and 2llx140 to the last sys_fan with y splitter)

2ML are connecting, both RGB and PWM to the pump.


Can PWM/RGB of ML’s will be controlled from icue?

It’s a mistake using 2x140ll PWM with a splitter to a sys_fan connector?

If you have another diagram, i will be pleased to hear!


Thanks a lot!

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Ok, understand that.

1. (PWM) Not even those 2 ML from the h115 Platinum which are connected both, RGB and PWM directly to the pump? What about RGB? Any issue in icue sofware?

2. In other news, my setup on top, is ok? Can i start connect as i said? Will affect something if i split a sys_fan for 2 LL fans? I know that a LL has 0.3A.


Thanks in advance!


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