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glue without drying on labels

Ken Masters

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Hi. I bought this power supply and I have noticed that when looking at it with a lot of light where the side stickers are, it has glue all over the edge of the stickers, also the glue is not dry, and stains when touched with the finger. I have never seen anything like this in any corsair source, nor have I read anything about it online.


I don't think the power supply was used before, it had no dust inside, the warranty sticker is on the screw, and everything looked new, but the glue thing made me hesitate. After a while the dirt will stick to the glue, and I don't know if the stickers will come off, could I lose the warranty if this happens? Has it happened to someone else?


The power supply is an AX850 with a box date of February 2019.





I think the images are not visible, I put the links




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I haven't seen that myself either.


But AX is the only series that is made by Seasonic. Maybe it's a Seasonic thing.


So the PSU works fine otherwise, right?


I can email Seasonic and ask about it.


Hello, I think the power supply works well, it is also very quiet. It would be nice if seasonic or corsair gave me an explanation, and if I should worry, it is a very expensive power supply.

I forgot to comment that the sticker that is attached as a warning (the one in the photo below) came out very easily, because there was also glue without drying, although it cost me a lot to remove the remains of glue from the source.

I mean this sticker.




Thank you very much Jonnyguru for your help.

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Well, the sticker on the back is supposed to come off very easily. It's only there as a note to the consumer.


Yes, I knew it, but after removing the sticker there should be no undried glue on the power supply. Maybe they used faulty glue to stick all the labels.


Could you ask Seasonic or tell me the email to ask them myself? Thank you

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