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Dark Core RGB Pro DPI Buttons Remappable?


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I'm not really sure how to start this. I just bought a Dark Core RGB Pro, on the idea that it has 8 programable buttons. I was using the Corsair Scimitar before this mouse and remapped the buttons using iCue. I wanted to try out a wireless mouse because I've never used one before and I thought why not. I play a good portion of FPS games and having those extra buttons was always nice.


But, now for the problem. No matter what I do, I cant remap the DPI Buttons. I can create a macro that presses a key, I can remap the key. The key press will stick, but the DPI still changes. So for example, if I remap "DPI Up" key to the key "1". The button will register as me pressing "1" but it will simultaneously change my DPI. So my question is, Can the DPI Buttons be remapped without retaining the original input?


Hopefully that is a good enough explanation. Maybe this isn't the place that I should be asking this, and if its not please tell me where I should direct this question.

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