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So I finally managed to get an order in for the elgato green screen, which I had been waiting for many months to be able to place since it's been sold out for so long, and Corsair apparently shipped it to the wrong side of the country. I never recieved any notification that it had shipped, and when I logged into Corsair.com today to check on the order, it was listed as having been delivered yesterday... to Alabama.


I live in Colorado.


Needless to say, this is pretty aggravating. The address is clearly and correctly listed on the order, but the tracking number indicates that it went to the wrong state. I put in a ticket and got an automated response that said it could take several days to even get a response from a human being (or since it's Wednesday, probably next week). Also pretty aggravating...


Also, why is it that corsair.com is still a disaster when being accessed from apple devices? It behaves completely wonkily when I try to use it on my iphone or ipad, and it has been this way for years. Menu's don't work properly, and many things don't display correctly. And this isn't a problem with a particular device, because I've noticed it across at least two ipad pros and three iphones over the last few years. Please fix this.


Also, every time I've visited corsair.com for the last 2 or 3 months, I've gotten this spam popup offering 10% off my purchase. When I finally decided to use it (for the above-mentioned green screen), it said it had expired. Why did I continue to get popups offering me a discount that had expired? I'd rather not get any such popups than see them every single time I come to the site, then jump through the hoops to use it, then be told that I can't actually use it. It's kind of obnoxious.

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Hi Parmenedes, I asked our CS team to look into your shipping issue.


Regarding the website, at a glance I'm not seeing any menu or display issues on my iPad using Chrome or Safari. Please attach some screenshots of what you're referring to.


As for the pop-up/coupon issue, I'd suggest adding that issue to your ticket along with the coupon code.

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