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ICUE - Asus Prime X570 Pro


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Hello everyone, how are you?

First greetings and sorry for my bad English, this is not my traditional language.

I saw that the ICUE is controlling some Asus cards together with the Aura right?

I have an Asus Prime X570 Pro, and I have 9 ARGB Fans (5V) connected to it, should the ICUE sync work with these Fans?

I ask why I am not able to make it work, ICUE recognizes my motherboard, but it cannot synchronize the Fans' leds, I can only change the leds for the motherboard itself.

Could you help me with that? :[pouts:

Thank you so much guys!! :laughing:

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CUE will not be able to control the 5v (D-RGB) headers on your motherboard. If you need those, uncheck the "enable plugins" in the CUE settings to return control to Aura. It should automatically do so in a few seconds after unchecking.


Thank you for your help!


Too bad, ICUE is great software, but I can't control the 5v leds

And Aura is very bad, it has no effect on the white color, Aura does not accept to put the color white, only in static mode, horrible!

I am hostage to the problems.

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