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Will AX/AXI 1200 24pin Cable work on a RMX850 psu


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Hi all,


First post so please be gentle :) I'm pretty new to building also. This is probably a stupid question.


I got a new RMX850 from corsair a few weeks ago, it's the one with the paracord white cables.


The 24 pin power cable had to be replaced after I received it and Corsair kindly sent a new replacement cable which arrived today but its got 4 pins less and marked AX1200? I'm assuming it's a mistake and isn't going to work with my psu? :(


I think it's a type 3 from what I've read online.


The connections at the psu end are different, 4 less pins than the RM850X


The words 'AX1200 / AXi only' on the new cable has me concerned that the incorrect cable was just picked/sent by accident.


The one with the RM850X was marked type 4.


Am I being over optimistic thinking there might be a hope that I can use it? I really don't want to wait again :(


Am I missing something? I'm guessing I can't though and not even going to try it unless I know it's compatible.


Thought I'd ask here first for expert advice.


Thanks for your help!






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Damn... :(


They messed up and sent you the wrong cable. :(


You got the replacement direct from Corsair?


Do you have a ticket number for your support request?


Thanks for the reply jonny,


Im glad I wasn't making a mistake, even with my limited knowledge I figured it was wrong. I know it's just an accidental pick in a warehouse or something.


Very disappointed to have to wait again though as waited months for the psu as well due to stock levels so when the cable had to be replaced over a week ago and then this rma replacement arrived today, it was such

disappointment when I opened the box up.


These things happen I guess. No ones fault.


Yep the replacement was an RMA and I have a ticket number and I had sent photos of the serial number just to make sure they had the correct info to begin with as I didn't want any delays if possible :(.


I just wasn't sure if I was wrong or not thinking this cable was incorrect but you just gave me the answer. Didn't want to look like an idiot.


Thanks very much. :cool:

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