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Upgrading CORSAIR ONE i100/i200 Series (2.5in Storage and Memory)

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Hi everyone, here are some quick guides for upgrading the memory and 2.5" storage of CORSAIR ONE i100/i200 Series systems. Note that PRO models are equipped with motherboards that feature slots for smaller form-factor SO-DIMM memory, so the modules will look different from traditional desktop modules as seen in non-PRO models.


Final note, M.2 SSDs in current CORSAIR ONE models are underneath the motherboard and will require the motherboard to be removed in order to access the module. The M.2 drive contains your operating system and recovery partition, so an upgrade will require either you clone the drive using a USB M.2 NVMe adapter OR a fresh install of Windows 10 (you'll need to download drivers from the product page for your particular CORSAIR ONE model).






2.5" Storage:





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