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HS70 pro wireless no voice prompts


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So I bought a new ASUS Mobo and installed it. Everything was fine. Then 1 day I thought let me see what the "Armoury Crate" (their software for updating drivers) can do. And updating drivers went fine. But now my voice prompts from my HS70 pro wireless are gone.


I tried updating iCUE, than it worked again, but after a restart of the PC it's gone again. I tried uninstalling my sound drivers, but after a restart they are automatically installed again by Windows 10 and the voice prompts work again, but after another restart they are gone again.


I also tried all things said in here: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178485 even though it's about another headset, but no luck.


How can I fix this?


Many thanks in advance!

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